Dynamic. Comprehensive. Secure.

What is a Digital Workspace?  At McGlaun Consulting we see digital workspace as the culmination of desktops, applications, and optimal experience across different devices, technologies, locations, and work styles with the most security and control possible.  The convergence of technology and expectation from the business is presenting IT with major challenges.  McGlaun Consulting has the answers to these challenges.

ChallengE: TechnologY GLUT


The corporate personal computing environment is now a mix of legacy, client/server, cloud-hosted, and native applications with a wider array of devices and operating systems.  IT is forced to deliver everything users require under the following circumstances:

  • More Devices
  • More Infrastructure
  • More Silos
  • More Complexity
  • Less Budget
  • Less Resources
  • Less Time
  • Less Room for Error

ChallengE:  Increased Mobility


Recent forecasts have shown that by 2020, over 72% of the workforce in the United States will be mobile.  The business expects to be able to work anytime, any where, and on any device.  Every user has multiple devices and wants to be able to use them from work, home, or the coffeeshop.  No longer does a user sit in a cube, working on one machine, from 8 am to 5 pm.  How is IT supposed to manage a landscape of devices that is growing exponentially while budgets are being reduced or staying stagnant?

Challenge: Security BREACHES


Almost on a daily basis are more and more organizations having very public security breaches.  Perhaps this is why CIO's have stated that cybersecurity is their number one concern.  The time has come where perimeter security and antivirus is an adequate defense to securing your applications, data, and resources as the greatest security threats to the business today are your own employees.  Now is the time to start securing people.

Solution: Digital Workspace


There are more ways than ever to deliver desktops and applications to your users:

  • Natively installed operating systems
  • Natively installed applications
  • Virtual applications
  • Published applications and desktops
  • Virtual desktops
  • Cloud hosted applications and desktops
  • Layering technologies

Most organizations have several, if not all, of these technologies in their environment and it is a challenge to manage.  Typically, IT has completely separate processes for delivering these services to their end users.

By transforming the desktop into a Digital Workspace that is dynamic, automated, and personalized to the user, not technologies and systems, we change the way our users consume their IT services.  This new approach benefits both IT and the business.   

IT Benefits

  • Simplifies Operating System and/or Hardware Migrations
  • Dynamic operating system and application policies and configuration
  • Gold image simplification and reduction
  • Supports multiple application delivery systems
  • Faster log on times
  • Application usage tracking
  • Software and hardware asset control
  • Removal of administrator rights
  • Granular security control, visibility, and accountability

Business Benefits

  • Increased satisfaction with overall experience
  • Users stay more productive, more often
  • Fully personalized experience across different operating systems and technologies (physical, virtual, cloud)
  • Better operating system and application performance
  • Mitigated data loss 
  • Reduced user downtime
  • Dramatically increased security without sacrificing experience or productivity

A Digital Workspace also ensures that a user only has the rights that they need to be productive in any given situation, nothing more and nothing less.  Because their Digital Workspace is dynamic and automated, if their situation changes (access, location, device, time) then their level of security around applications, policies, removable devices, network access, websites, and specific files and registry values also change.  Due to a Digital Workspace having complete control over a user's experience, any attempted execution of unauthorized events are blocked, logged, and notifications are sent to administrators.

A Digital Workspace solves the challenges of technology glut, increased user mobility, and security breaches by targeting users dynamically regardless of device, location, or technology.  Let us show you how we can enhance and extend the functionality of your existing delivery systems to allow your users to have the best user experience possible while giving more control, insight, and security to IT and the business.