Qualified, Predictive & Reliable Process Automation

Workforce Agility is about allowing business users to have access to exactly what they need when they need it.  McGlaun Consulting believes that 80% of what a user needs can be predicted and automatically delivered by an Automated Provisioning methodology while providing the rest via User Self Service solutions, all with defined workflows and levels of approval.

Automated Provisioning

In an environment of constant and rapid business change, organizations struggle to effectively manage changes to users and their access privileges. For organizations with thousands of employees, hundreds of applications, and business systems both on premise and in the cloud, user provisioning is a complex and expensive problem. Without a well-defined, automated user provisioning process, the IT staff is burdened with handling thousands of manual changes, and workers can wait days for the access they need costing the organization significant time and money while reducing productivity and security risks.

With McGlaun Consulting, you can take advantage of fully automated provisioning methodologies to handle all user lifecycle events, such as new hires, transfers, moves, and terminations.

User Self Service

In most organizations, the access request process is inefficient and inconsistent at best. Processes vary from department to department and from application to application, with users often requesting and gaining new access privileges without going through proper channels. This type of ad-hoc access request management leaves enterprises vulnerable to increased security risks and more likely to be non-compliant with IT audit standards.

At the same time, you can't leave your business users stranded without the access they need to perform their jobs. Relying on manual access request processes will over-burden your help desk and IT staff.

Let McGlaun Consulting show you how to automate your existing business processes including approvals to delivering the final product. 

Questions To Ask


How long does it take for a NEW hire to become productive in your organization?

Imagine being able to deliver instant and secure access to all of the IT resources your new hires need, as soon as they show up for work.  McGlaun Consulting has proven automation methodologies that eliminate manual, repetitive processes across all of your platforms in the enterprise and the cloud.  No more waiting days or weeks for them to gain access to the right systems, applications, and services.


WHAT steps IS your organization taking to reduce data loss when an employee changes roles or leaves?

Your organization faces a risk of data loss as employees move or leave.  A critical way to reduce that risk is to have an effective, automated process that will immediately revoke access when an employee leaves or changes roles.

Often, IT is burdened with reacting to these changes when a service desk ticket arrives, likely missing the necessary information that is required such as:

  • What additional access should be granted?
  • What access should be removed?
  • Are there applications licenses that can be reclaimed?
  • Are there hardware assets that need to be returned?
  • Have the proper approvals been obtained?
Worker that needs IT management automation help

How do YOUR users request something today?

There always comes a time where a user needs something.  A new laptop.  An application.  Access to a business system or service.  Maybe something isn't working properly.  I forgot my password.  My mobile phone number changed.  

Perhaps instead it is something that isn't necessarily technical.  Where is my last paycheck information?  How can I order more staples for the office?  What is the company travel policy?

When your users have these type of requests, they usually have an experience similar to this:

  • Create or call in a service desk ticket
  • The ticket is routed to a group or person
  • The ticket sits in a queue waiting to be prioritized
  • A person begins working the ticket
  • Communication goes back and forth between the requester and worker
  • A person performs a manual process to deliver on the request
  • The ticket is resolved
  • People may or may not be notified that something has been completed

There is a better way to govern these requests by empowering end users to self-manage.  This allows the business to validate and enforce policy during the request process while giving a complete audit trail of who requested what and who approved it.  McGlaun Consulting automation methodologies then deliver the final product eliminating manual, repetitive processes while notifying all relevant parties throughout the entire process.