Impactful. Measurable. Sustainable.

Business processes play a integral role in how companies drive growth and maximize operational efficiency by focusing resources, technology, and cooperation to achieve common goals.  McGlaun Consulting works with clients to continuously mature business processes through a proven five phase methodology.


Phase One: Document

Business activities that are completely person dependent and have sequences, timing, and results that vary in repetition generally require a lot of supervision.  These ad-hoc processes likely have no guarantee of success or adhering to timelines.  Ownership change means that knowledge may or may not be transferred.

Documenting a business process is an important first step to guaranteeing success, consistency, and sustainability.  This is where the following is defined, reviewed, and approved:

  • scope
  • ownership
  • responsibilities
  • process flow
  • timelines
  • goals
  • tools
  • exceptions

Phase Two: Deploy

Often the activities being performed within an organization differ from the documented process.  This may be because of process drift or changes within the business since documentation occurred.  

During deployment, McGlaun Consulting ensures organizations consistency between the documented process and the actions being performed by the business.  The documented process shows seamless interdependence between functions, organizations, and other processes whenever there needs to be interaction.


Phase Three: Measure

Well defined business processes have goals that should adhere to timelines, customer satisfaction, and costs.  McGlaun Consulting partners with the business to ensure visibility into documented and deployed processes so that goals are being measured appropriately.

Our experience with an array of technologies enable the enterprise to have an unrivaled capability, insight, and accountability.  This also ensures that even in an environment of constant change that the business is predictable and sustainable.


Phase Four: Automate

Automation is often where organizations realize the most value, cost savings, and gain a competitive advantage.

By automating business processes, the business eliminates manual errors and inefficiencies while ensuring documented processes are consistently and predictably performed.  Automation also allows for simple, streamlined communication among business process owners, consumers, and leadership.  By centralizing the data from automation tasks and workflows, stakeholders gain visibility into the evolution and repercussions of business processes enabling better decision making.

Because McGlaun Consulting has the ability to leverage existing infrastructure and technologies, the automation phase is cost effective, lacks complexity, and has a quick time to value.


Phase Five: Improve

During the improvement phase, the goals set for the process are being analyzed for achievements and improved regularly. Timelines, cost targets, satisfaction levels are being evaluated regularly and the targets also are being tightened by using continuous quality improvement techniques.  Examples of questions that are being asked would include:

  • Are goals adhering to timelines, customer satisfaction, and cost?
  • Are the metrics measuring these goals analyzed and improved upon on a regular basis?
  • Do metrics measuring these goals have a positive trend?
  • Are there steps being taken to improve upon the trend?
  • If automation is enabling the process, are the technologies being maintained and upgraded appropriately?

Our clients turn to us to assist them with their business process improvement initiatives, and for good reason.  By using McGlaun Consulting, your business can rely on a much needed degree of objectivity in assessing your current processes, identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improvement, and designing and implementing business process solutions.