Simplify Your Windows 10 Migration With 1E

Organizations around the globe are not only updating to Windows 10 but learning how to support their IT infrastructure with Windows Servicing solutions after their migrations are complete. Manual updates take organizations weeks or even months to complete causing them to lose productivity, time, and money resulting in very unhappy end-users. For most, the process of updating hasn’t been an easy one. IT teams even opt to skip an OS migration because they can’t take the time and effort to undergo the process. Unfortunately for them, the aggressive Windows Servicing program for Windows 10 releases from Microsoft twice a year means that companies can’t hide. Third party software and hardware vendors have also adopted the same aggressive update cadence causing organizations to fall even further behind in their migrations. Ignoring a Windows Servicing update could potentially result in loss of productivity but puts the business at risk for a cyber attack.

Let’s face it; sometimes migrating or upgrading to a new OS can be a pain. There are a lot of steps that must be taken before a significant update can be deployed. Regardless, care must be taken to protect user data, application compatibility, hardware compatibility, and user education. Microsoft is increasing the frequency of their updates and deployments to at least once per year. It’s important to consider the challenges associated with scheduling the migration and what to do with systems in remote locations that may have either low or no network bandwidth.

To help ease the pain, Microsoft has been steadily updating System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to be able to manage Windows Servicing.  It’s a great feature but it’s not currently complete and manual work managing the end user’s experience while migrating still has to be considered.

Fortunately, 1E has the ultimate automation solution for Windows deployment, migration, rebuild, and PC replacements. It enables the user to initiate and drive the process of upgrading from any location at any time. This puts them in control of their servicing needs and gives your IT team back the time and effort they need to put into their day-to-day tasks. A digital agent provides the user with relevant choices and further guides them through the decision-making process. It then prepares the machine for the update and asks the user to choose a time that’s convenient for them to complete the process.

1E’s platform is also deeply integrated with ServiceNow so all Windows deployments can be run as simple ServiceNow workflows.

Nomad is a hugely successful content deployment solution that removes the need for distributed services and intelligently uses only available bandwidth for all content distribution. The business is never impacted by SCCM or Windows deployments, however large and cumbersome they may be.

1E provides the only end-to-end automation solution which empowers users to self-service Windows deployments, migrations, rebuilds, or replacements from home, or anywhere the end user is. Automation is what drives every single step.

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Paul Newton is a Senior Solutions Architect at McGlaun Consulting.