Open Communication

As Director of Customer Success at McGlaun Consulting, my role is to ensure that our clients achieve the most value from their investments in our services. Introducing new technology into a business environment brings many challenges, but McGlaun Consulting’s considerable experience in implementing and maintaining new technologies consistently helps produce successful results. One of the keys to a successful implementation is open communication. Not only does this mean regular contact with our clients, but also includes internal communication to ensure that our engineers have the right tools they need to correspond with one another and share expertise. Also, we want to make sure our senior management is up to date on current project status to help drive internal business decisions. Let’s review how McGlaun Consulting empowers our internal team through open communication.


At McGlaun Consulting, we use solutions including Salesforce, Mavenlink and Slack to provide internal channels for the McGlaun team to collaborate and share project updates. We align these tools to different phases of the customer lifecycle so that communications are captured and stored in the appropriate place.

Sales Cycle

During the Sales Cycle, while we are working with our clients to design the project, we use Salesforce Chatter to share internal updates on the Salesforce opportunity record, notify others of changes and post questions for other team members. For example, our Sales team may @mention a Senior Architect to review the Statement of Work before sharing with the client; or our Resourcing Manager may post a question about when the client would like to start the project to assist in resource scheduling. Chatter allows other users to comment on posts and promotes collaboration. Rather than trying to track the progress of an opportunity through multiple email threads, which can get convoluted and does not guarantee visibility to the right people, Chatter keeps a running history of posts and comments that we can refer back to at any time, all in one place.


Once the Sales cycle is complete and the project begins, we use Mavenlink to track all project activity. Similar to Salesforce Chatter, Mavenlink offers a communication channel for the McGlaun team to discuss the project, post questions or comments and share updates. Mavenlink’s Activity Feed also captures when project tasks or milestones are completed and allows users to upload files related to the project, such as meeting notes, design documents, and client emails. We can even invite clients or partners to join the Mavenlink Activity Feed so they can communicate with us directly (more on external communication in the next blog post). Mavenlink is a great solution to manage project communication.

Internal Communication

For any communication not directly related to an opportunity or project, we use Slack, a collaboration tool that allows McGlaun Consulting’s team members to message one another directly, or create “Channels” that can have multiple participants. For example, we have channels for the different solutions that we support, such as SCCM, Ivanti Identity Director and VMWare Horizon and members can use these Channels to discuss these tools and help one another develop their knowledge. We also use Slack to manage administrative collaboration and business development. And quite honestly, we use it for fun. McGlaun Consulting’s team members are spread out across the country and Slack provides a great place for “water cooler talk.”

Whichever solution we use, McGlaun Consulting has found that open communication is paramount to successful projects. By providing our team members with the right tools to communicate effectively, we ensure better collaboration, knowledge sharing and teamwork, which ultimately leads to helping our customers realize their goals and improving their business processes in the best way possible.

 Steve Margulis is the Director of Customer Success at McGlaun Consulting.